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Muraki Doll

May 2009



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May. 12th, 2009

Tsu - Memory


Hi! So, I haven't updated in three years. What's up?

Jesus, the last time I updated I was worried about the AP Calc test. That was 11th grade. I'm done with college! I've got a nice shiny chemistry degree and nothing to do with it. Which is actually kind of ironic because the last couple entires are me complaining about how much I hate Ap Chem. Huh.

Anyways, I'm well.

Mar. 13th, 2006

Muraki Doll


I think Neji and Naruto should go on a double date with Shikamaru and Chouji. [/blunt]

Dec. 4th, 2005

Muraki Doll

YnM Drabble

'Bon! Is that Tsuzuki's shirt you're wearing?!' [Pg-13]Collapse )

You know what? If I ever contract AIDS or HIV, I’m throwing chastity to the wind and becoming a professional sadist at an S&M nightclub, claiming anyone who contracts it from me deserves it and it'll be part of my 'Holy Plague' to kill off all the men.

Sep. 23rd, 2005


"Father's Son"

Maybe I'm just crazy
Or the Devil got inside,
But either way my soul is gone
I'm ending this all tonight

And one hand holds the whisky,
While the other holds the gun,
And he cries out to the Heavens,
I am not my father's son!

That bit of the song has been repeating itself in my head all day. It's about this kid who kills this prostitute and slips into a funk and kills himself. At seventeen, too.

Jul. 24th, 2005

Muraki Doll

"One Broken Wing"

Title: One Broken Wing
Genre: Psychological/Angst
Rating: R
Warnings: Graphic description of a rotting corpse and violent murder. Also, religious references, drug use, and hints at 'multiple personality syndrome.'
Summery: Faust's history from the night of Eliza's death to her first raising and how he developed his powers.

Many, many thanks to my three betas, cruxis, _lsl_, and meowzy_chan.

(One Broken Wing)

Jul. 18th, 2005



Both the United States and England make me sick.

I want nothing to do with either country.

May. 1st, 2005

Muraki Doll

Friend's Only

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Respect me, my opinons, and my decisions.

You must have a sense of humor.

Respect my consiracy theories, even if they mostly seem like I'm spouting nonsense.

If you are a feminist, I don't want you on my FL. If you sign up anyways, you're getting stabbed with a paperclip and then kicked.

If you're just friending this journal because you want read my fanfiction (now there's an idea) you can find it at violetandsilver.

<3 Cho