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28 September
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Ahoyhoy. I'm Cho, 19, and currently I am living in Minnesota. Friends are welcome, though there are requirments to being on the list. If you want to be, go ahead. I reject no one except the impolite.

I am, in a nutshell, a wise-aleck. I'm an outspoken teenager, that has moderate bipolar, and a morbid sense of humor. I'm very friendly, though, unless you catch me in the low of my bipolar, in which case I'm overly formal. Usually I'm nonchalant, but I'm known to get violent if I'm not feeling well. Just ask my lab partner.

I'm a devoted Roman Catholic. If that bothers you, shoo. I will not have someone on my friend's list who can't tolerate the religious.

I'm obsessive about my animes, and my characters are my babies. I'm a writer, and slash often.

My main fandom right now is Yami no Matsuei/Descendents of Darkness. I'm a bit protective of the characters, so you're warned now. Anyone caught bashing Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Muraki, Tatsumi or Watari is getting bashed right back. Especially Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki is my baby, it's decided. ♥ He's my favorite character across all my fandoms, and bashing him WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Tsuzuki Asato & Cho
were married on
October 23, 2005
Marry Your Favorite Character

Booya, grandma! =D

I don't believe it colorbars; it demeans the gay culture. So here are my pairs, and what type of love they are. [Alphabetical order!]

Yami no Matsuei:

Asato Tsuzuki is human love.
Hisoka Kurosaki is empathy love.
Kazutaka Muraki is skewed sanity love.
Seiichirou Tatsumi is workaholic love.
Yutaka Watari is mad scientist love.


Kazutaka Muraki x Hisoka Kurosaki is sadomasochistic love in denial.
Kazutaka Muraki x Saki Shidou is lethal love.
Seiichirou Tatsumi x Hisoka Kurosaki is love not expressed.
Asato Tsuzuki x Hisoka Kurosaki is healing love.
Asato Tsuzuki x Seiichirou Tatsumi is love from afar.
AsatoTsuzuki x Kazutaka Muraki is love looking for an excuse.
Yukata Watari x Kazutaka Muraki is intelligent love.
Yukata Watari x Seiichirou Tatsumi is obcessive-compulsive love.


Gaara of the Sand is tramatized love.
Itachi Uchiha is prodogy love.
Neji Hyuuga is freedom love.
Kimimaro is bone love.


Naruto/Neji is freeing your soul love.


Daisuke Niwa is innocence love.
Dark Mousy is thief love.
Krad is homicidial love.
Satoshi Hiwatari is surpressed emotions love.


Daisuke Niwa x Riku Harada is love meant to be.
Dark x Krad is long-time grude bearing love in denial.
Satoshi Hiwatari x Daisuke Niwa is love going against fate.
Satoshi Hiwatari x Risa Harada is 'saved from the edge' love.

Shaman King:

Hao Asakura is burning love.
J. Faust VIII is necromancer love.
Ren Tao is strength love.
Yoh Asakura is orange love.


Amindimaru x Mosuke is 'buff man not showing emotions but really should' love.
J. Faust VIII x Eliza Faust is love beyond the grave.
Hao Asakura x Iron Madien Jeanne is political outspokenness gone bad love.
Hao Asakura x Yoh Asakura is love in the stars.
Ren Tao x Hao Asakura is anger against the world love.
Ren Tao x Yoh Asakura is love at its best.
Yoh Asakura x Anna is BDSM just waiting to happen no words needed love.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:

Hiei is apathetic love.
Yuusuke is punk love.

Karasu x Kurama is sadistic beyond the grave love.
Kurama x Hiei is demon love.
Kurama x Yuusuke Urameshi is loyalty love.
Yuusuke x Hiei is trust love.


Isis Ishtar is wise love.
Seto Kaiba is tough guy love.
Ryou Bakura is multiple personality love.
Yami no Malik is crazy love.


Isis x Mai is good girl gone bad love.
Seto Kaiba x Yami no Bakura is love from the past.
Yami no Bakura x Bakura Ryou is multiple personality love.
Yami no Malik x Yami no Bakura is crazy love.
Yami no Malik x Malik Ishtar is domination love.
Yami no Yuugi x Yuugi Motou is pure love.


Dee is bisexual love.

Dee x Ryo is coming out of the closet love

Gorgeous Carat

Ray Balzac Courland, a.k.a. Noir, is Arabian theif love.
Florian Rouchfort is dignity love.

Noir x. Rlorian Rouchfort is sadistical slavery love.
Noir x. Solomon Sugar is black cat love.

Eerie Queerie

Hasunuma is ambiguous sexuality with no name love.
Mituso is 'I can't believe you're that dense!' love.
Makuni is perverted love.
Niro is duck love.


Itsuki x Shino is loving eyes love.
Makuni x Kanau is bondage love.
Makuni x Mituso Shiozu is pedophile love.
Makuni x Ichiro is not quite consenual love.
Mitsuo Shiozu x Hasunuma is 'are you sure you're gay?' love.

Hands Off!

Katarou Oohira is dense love.
Tatsui Oohira is angst love.
Yuuto Urashiyama is playboy love.


Tatsuki Oohira x Katarou Oohira is angst love.
Tatsuki Oohira x Yuuto Urashiyama is comfort love.
Tatsuki Oohira x Udou is psychic love.

Crossover Couples:

Kazutaka Muraki x Hao Asakura is supernatural human love. [Yami no Matsuei, Shaman King]

My fanfiction journal is here: violetandsilver.

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My life partner blogs here: lotus_chan.

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